The TUAC Plenary Session discusses TUAC's priorities at each of its meeting. The main areas of TUAC work at the OECD are economic policies in general (including preparations of the trade union statement for the "G8" Economic Summits and "G8" Employment Conferences); structural adjustment and labour market policies; the impact of globalisation on employment; education and training; multinational enterprises, concentrating on the implementation process of the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises and corporate governance; and the OECD relations with non-member countries notably in Central and Eastern Europe and Asian countries. Growing attention is being paid to OECD work on the environment and sustainable development and to work on the Global Information Society.


Consultations are regularly held with the following OECD Committees and working Groups :

G-7/G-8 Summits
Corporate Governance
Education Policy
Electronic Commerce
Sustainable development
International Financial Institutions (IFIs)
Labour Rights
MAI - Multilateral Agreement on Investment
Millenium Review
Multinational Enterprises
OECD its future role
OECD Ministerial Council Meetings
Public Sector
Science and Technology
Social Policy
Trade and Labour Standards

The meetings with the sectoral working groups or committees are organised jointly with the relevant International Trade Secretariats representing workers in those sectors.

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