Other Activities :
Sustainable Development
Nairobi, 9 February 2007 Environment Ministers & Civil Society attentive to union messages: Unions At UNEP Global Environment Meeting Focus on Green Jobs  
Nairobi, 5 February 2007 Making the environment a focus of trade union action  
Paris,19-21 April 2004 Trade unions derive some encouragement from OECD Environment Ministers’ Meeting  
Paris, 14 October 2002 Unions engaged in action following the WSSD  - John Evans  Intervention at UNEP Consultative meeting with Industry Associations  
Johannesburg,  26 August - 4 September 2002 Unions assess the WSSD - Moving beyond the Johannesburg Declaration   
Italy, 2-4 March, 2000 G8 Consultation Meeting in Trieste, Notes from TUAC/ICFTU   
Paris, 4 April, 2000 High -Level Segment of Environment Policy Committee (EPOC) - OECD Environment Outlook: 
"Integration of Social & Environmental Concerns"
Paris, 20 November 1999 OECD Consultation with Civil Society - Biotechnology and other aspects of Food Safety - The concern of workers and trade unions  
2-13 November 1998 Employment, Climate Change & Sustainable Development, Trade Union Statement to the COP4  Argentina Conference - TUAC/ICFTU  
April 1998 Implementing sustainable development in an era of Globalisation: The trade union role. TUAC Statement to the OECD Meeting of Environment Ministers
April/May 1997 TUAC Submission to the OECD High Level Group on the Environment  
February 1996 Globalisation, sustainable production and environmental management: the trade union role TUAC Statement to OECD Meeting of Environment Ministers