Other Activities :
 15-16 June 2006

TUAC Submission to OECD High level Policy Conference: “Boosting Jobs and Incomes: Lessons from OECD Country Experiences”

London, 10-11 March 2005

TUAC Evaluation of the G8 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference on “Meeting the challenge of demographic change”

London, 10-11 March 2005

Trade Union Statement for the G8 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference

Stuttgart 14-16 December 2003

TUAC Evaluation of G8 Labour/Employment Ministers Meeting

Stuttgart 14-16 December 2003 Trade Union Statement to the 2003 G8 Meeting of Labour Ministers

Paris, 29-30 September 2003

Creating more and better jobs - TUAC Statement to the 2003 OECD Meeting of Labour and Employment Ministers

London, 8-9 February 2000 OECD Ministers Conference on Youth Employment  - Speaking notes John Evans, TUAC  
London, 8-9 February 2000

OECD Ministers Conference on Youth Employment - Promoting Youth Employment: Policy Lessons from a Trade Union Perspective - a TUAC Discussion Paper

June 1999

OECD Employment  Outlook -  Tuac Evaluation 

Washington D.C.  24-26 February 1999

Outcome of G8 Labour Ministers’ Conference on “labor policies in a rapidly changing global economy” -  Tuac Evaluation.

February 1999

Youth Employment: New approaches to an old problem, a TUAC-Discussion Paper submitted to theOECD/US Conference “Preparing youth for the 21st century: The policy lessons from last two decades”

28-29 November 1997

Conclusions of the chair of the G8 Jobs Conference - Kobe , Japan- TUAC Evaluation of the outcome


Trade union Statement to the 1997 OECD meeting of Labour Ministers and to the KOBE G8 jobs conference

Paris 14-15 October 1997

Communique of the Meeting of the OECD Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee at Ministerial level -  - a  TUAC Evaluation

May 1997 TUAC Note on "Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy: Member Countries Experience": Economic Development Review Committee (EDRC) Report to Ministers on "Lessons the Review Process"     
April 1996

Trade Union Statement to the Lille "G7" Employment Conference